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4 October 17:00 - 20:00P5, Väven

An after work with the right crowd is all it takes.

To hear the latest, find out what is, or is not, happening, get inspired, be there for (and be part of) new thoughts, or just for  some friendly bickering. It is not rocket science, but in this case it is biotech and life science.

The first step is to get started.

Get started sharing thoughts on stuff that matter, on the way things should work, on little things, on how great something is, on how hard (but rewarding?) something was, how so not worth is something was, on pet peeves and on grand mistakes.

For the premiere we are copying Skavlan and P1’s “Sommar”.  We get to listen to Maria Strømme, who definitely has started (and continued), on small things, great ideas and important questions, and with entrepreneurship. When installed, Maria Strømme was Sweden’s youngest technology professor, she is also the inventor behind the algea battery and Upsalite, and she has many interesting thoughts on nanobiotechnology.

It is time to get started and you are welcome.

Good to know

This is who we think you are: Entrepreneurs, scientists, working with, or full of ideas related to biotech, life science, medtech, e-health, etc.

The food: Starters of a different kind. And we like vegetarian food.

The time:  October 4 , kl 17:00-20:00 – we start with a bite of starters and a splash of mingle. Maria Strømme starts at 17:45, so there is time to pick up kids and still make it on time.

The place :P5 Väven

Signing up: The number tickets is limited, so hurry! Let us

know if you can’t come.

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Guest Speaker

Maria Strømme
Professor in nanotechnology, Entrepreneur

When installed, Maria Strømme was Sweden’s youngest technology professor. She is also the inventor behind the algea battery and Upsalite. Together with her nanotechnology research group in Uppsala, she is working towards new functional materials that are going to be essential in the future.

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